How to Protect Credit Cards From Becoming Damaged in Your Wallet?

Even though it may seem like the safest place on earth, the interior of your wallet can be a dangerous place for your credit cards. Violent movement, magnetism, heat and other factors can cause your credit cards to become damaged while inside your wallet. To prevent this from being the case, you can follow these easy steps: 


Things You Will Need to Follow This Tutorial

In order to follow this step by step tutorial, you will need the following items: 

• A lint-free piece of cloth. 

• Cleaning solution. 

• Credit card sleeves. 


Protecting Credit Cards From Becoming Damaged in Your Wallet

1. Find the Right Pocket

Before doing anything else, make sure to separate your most important credit (or debit) cards from the rest. Then, find a pocket in your wallet for them that is specially designed for holding credit cards. Apart from having the right dimensions and being extra-protected, these special pockets tend to have RFID-blocking protection. Just to be safe, make sure that there are no magnetic objects near this pocket. 


2. Do Not Use Wallets With Magnetic Clasps

As you may already know, external magnets can render the magnetic strip on a credit card completely useless. For that reason, you should get rid of any wallets that have magnetic clasps or clips. Even more than that, try not to keep magnetized objects in the pocket that you put your wallet in. 


3. Store Your Credit Cards Correctly

If you are going to store more than one credit card in a single pocket, make sure to stack them in the same direction. Putting two credit cards against each other back to back (with the magnetic strip touching) can result in both of them losing their information and becoming completely useless. 


4. Use Paper or Credit Card Sleeves

If possible, keep your credit or debit card in a paper or Tyvek plastic protective sleeve. Apart from physical damage, this sleeve can protect your card against demagnetization. Some banks give these protective sleeves to their customers as a gift. If your bank does not do this, you can buy a few to protect all your cards. 


5. Destroy Unused Credit Cards

Some people have the bad habit of keeping various unused cards in their wallet for no good reason. To prevent your information from being stolen, make sure to cut up all your unused credit cards before you get rid of them. To be sure, this includes cards that have expired as they still have your personal information. 


6. Keep Your Wallet Clean

To prevent your credit cards from becoming damaged, keep your wallet clean at all times. Clean the exterior of the pockets as carefully as the exterior. Furthermore, avoid over-stuffing it with unnecessary things. As previously mentioned, you should get rid of all magnetic objects before sliding the cards in the wallet. 



Keeping your credit cards intact inside your minimalist wallet is easy if you follow this tutorial. Hopefully, our tips will help you prevent unpleasant situations in the future.