How to Carry Coins if You Have a Minimalist Wallet?

One of the few negative aspects of using a minimalist wallet is not having a good solution for carrying coins. If you have that problem, read the following tutorial: 


Carrying Coins Without a Wallet

1. Do Not Carry Coins

Without a doubt, the easiest way to avoid having to find a way to carry coins without a regular wallet is to not carry coins at all. 


2. Use Your Trouser Coin Pocket

Most jeans and various other types of pants have a special pocket for carrying coins. By using it, you will avoid having to use a wallet for your coins. 


3. Keep Your Coins in the Car

If you have a car, a good option for having your coins safe and at hand is to keep them in your car. Most cars have sections that are dedicated to holding your loose change. 


4. Use a Coin Pouch

If you have a habit of using coins with regularity, consider using a coin pouch. Compact, practical and secure, coin pouches can keep your loose change safe.