How to Break In a Leather Wallet?

Without a doubt, there is a special feeling you get when you get a brand new leather wallet. Unfortunately, however, a new wallet that is made of real leather can be uncomfortably stiff and difficult to manipulate. With that in mind, this quick tutorial will provide step by step instructions on how to break in a new leather wallet. 


Things You Will Need to Follow This Tutorial

In order to follow this step by step tutorial, you will need the following items: 

• Several plastic cards. 

• Two clean lint-free cloths. 

• Olive oil. 

• Some water. 


Breaking In a Leather Wallet

1. Collect Several Plastic Cards

Before starting the process of breaking in your new leather wallet, collect as many plastic cards (credit card-sized) as you can. The more pockets and slots your wallet has, the more cards you will need. 


2. Fill the Pockets With the Cards

Insert three plastic cards into each pocket and slot in the leather wallet. Even if you are not planning on using them, make sure to fill all the pockets so that the wallet will not become deformed. This will stretch them out without deforming them or damaging the leather. 


3. Use Oil to Wipe the Outside of the Wallet

Once the wallet is full of plastic cards, it’s time to use some olive oil on it. Dab a clean cloth with a small amount of oil. Because it’s natural and gentle, olive oil is safe to be used on most types of leather. Wipe the outside of the wallet with the piece of cloth. Be thorough. After wiping the exterior of the wallet, open it and wide the exterior of the pockets. Use just enough oil to get a sheen without soaking the wallet. 


4. Manipulate the Leather Wallet

While it is oily, open and close the wallet several times. Take out and re-insert the various plastic cards. Do this again and again for a few minutes. 


5. Wipe Down the Wallet

Lightly dampen the other cloth in warm water. Wipe down the wallet carefully and thoroughly. Remove the cards. 



Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this step by step tutorial, By following it closely, you will be able to break in your leather wallet quickly, easily and without damaging it. 

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