Best Long Wallets for Men

Wallets are a necessity for men. Having all your cards and cash on hand in one easy place is extremely convenient. But how can you know which is the right one for you? Long wallets have lots of different qualities, but while each person’s needs are different, long wallets are not made equally. 

Top 15 long wallets

1. Kattee Men’s Vintage Look Genuine Leather Long Bifold Wallet

This Kattee men’s vintage look genuine leather long bifold wallet offers lots of space for your cards and cash. With 11 card pockets, one ID window pocket, four bill compartments, and one zipper compartment for loose change, you will find a place for just about everything. The zippered pocket can make the wallet a little bulkier, but it seems a small price to pay to get rid of the rattling loose change in your pocket.

The Kattee men’s wallet uses genuine cow leather with excellent stitching to hold it together. The lack of glue holding this wallet together speaks volumes of its quality. The imported top layer Crazy-Horse leather also wears soft with age, making the wallet pliable, but keeping the pockets tight. The other unique feature of this wallet is one of the styles they offer is an embossed crocodile top. This design, created by Kattee’s artisans, imprints a long crocodile into a crocodile-skin styled top. The unique crocodile adds to both the vintage look and your style.


  • Plenty of storage space
  • Quality leather
  • Interesting embossed design
  • All stitching
  • No glue


  • Stain may bleed some
  • Zipper is slightly bulky

2. Mfeo Soft Scrub Leather Durable Slim Wallet Long Thin Bifold Multi-Card Wallet

The Mfeo soft scrub leather durable slim wallet is one that won’t fold, crease, or wear easily. Because of its material, the Mfeo wallet can be rolled up, scrunched, twisted, folded, and more without seeing any damage or creasing. It easily returns to its original shape. The wallet offers seven spaces for cards and a mesh covered ID slot which may be a pro or con depending on your taste. It also has three slots for money and the two largest can fit a small checkbook and its register.

Using genuine nubuck leather, the Mfeo soft scrub wallet is able to withstand lots of wear and tear without seeing any damage. The nubuck leather also provides it with ageing resistance. The stitching is neat and there is wrapped reinforcement. The cash compartments are lined with fabric. The design of the wallet is made to be easy to grip, but soft as well as fairly slim.


  • Nubuck leather-can be folded and kneaded at will
  • Space for cash or checks
  • Wrapped reinforcement


  • Some may not like the mesh ID slot
  • Few card slots

3. Itslife Men’s RFID BLOCKING Vintage Look Genuine Leather Long Bifold Wallet Rfid

Itslife men’s RFID blocking vintage look genuine leather long bifold wallet gives you a unique feature, unlike most long wallets. Many identity thieves are turning to radio waves to steal your information. Most of your credit cards, debit cards, and government IDs like driver’s licenses communicate on a 13.56 MHz frequency which can be tapped into. This wallet uses RFID blocking technology to keep your personal information safe. Along with that unique feature, the wallet also has 11 card slots and an ID window with 3 areas for cash and a zippered pocket inside one of those three.

Itslife uses top layer genuine cow leather which is full-grain and properly oil tanned. This top layer leather gives each wallet a slightly unique look as the life of the cow is transferred to a wallet. Any blemishes or scratches are the result of the genuine leather and are scratches the cow received while alive. The wallet also has no glue with quality stitching. However, the ID pocket is difficult to access as there is no thumb hole.


  • RFID blocking technology
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Quality genuine leather
  • All stitching, No glue


  • ID window slot is difficult to access
  • A little long and stiff

4. Yeeasy Men’s Vintage Genuine Leather Long Wallets Bifold Wallet For Men

The Yeeasy men’s vintage genuine leather long wallet is made to be an ultra slim wallet for you. Even stuffed full of cash and cards, the design of the bifold wallet is to keep it to a maximum thickness of one centimeter. This Yeeasy long wallet for men also has 12 slots for cards, a window for your ID, and three slots for cash. This wallet does not have a zippered pocket to keep its ultra slim design. Another great feature is the wallet falls closed easily, instead of having to work to fold it closed.

Made with genuine leather, the Yeeasy long wallet uses a skilled-line finish to make it wear-resistant and durable. The leather is tightly stitched and soft though some scratches do show up as a lighter brown. The outside of the wallet has a simple, almost book-like, look to it. The corners and folds are reinforced to reduce wear. The ID window does not have a thumb hole and the wallet is a bit too long to put into a pocket, but the design and materials are high-quality.


  • Lots of card slots
  • Genuine leather
  • Quality stitching
  • Ultra Slim


  • Too long for pocket
  • ID card slot hard to access
  • No zippered pocket for coins

5. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Sheepskin Secretary Wallet

Tommy Hilfiger men’s sheepskin secretary wallet offers some great features, especially their ability to hold checks. You only have 10 slots to hold your cards, but the two slots on the opposite side of the ID window have a nice curved edge to them, giving you easier access to them. The ID window also has a thumb hole which allows you to access your ID better. The cash and check slots are only two, but unlike most long wallets, this secretary wallet can fit your checks and register though it may make the wallet a little too bulky for your taste.

The Tommy Hilfiger brand is well known for their quality and they don’t disappoint with this long wallet. The 100% imported leather material creates an excellent long wallet that holds up against long time use. The inside has a textile lining of Tommy Hilfiger colors. The only other indications of the brand are the small logo and name of the front and name on the inside of the wallet. The sheepskin leather makes this a soft wallet though the length may be hard to fit into a pants pocket.


  • 100% imported sheepskin leather
  • Space and room for your checks
  • Soft and durable


  • Less storage space
  • A bit long for a back pocket

6. USA Distribution Classic Vintage BAILINI Cowboy/501 Pattern Bifold Mens Genuine Leather Long Wallet

If you have a lot of cards or have a cowboy flair, this classic vintage Bailini cowboy wallet may be right for you. The best feature of this wallet is the 16 card slots. The wallet uses an unusual design to give you so much space. The wallet has two parts with an outer layer of leather folding overtop the wallet and latching into place. This design gives it lots of room for storing cash, cards, or even bulkier items like passports. The latch keeps the wallet closed no matter how much you put in it.

This Bailini cowboy wallet is made with genuine leather and they are so proud of their leather it is embossed into the front of the wallet. The front of the wallet also includes a lone cowboy embossed into the leather. However, the stitching may not hold up to heavy wear and tear. The design of this wallet is completely unique and uses a button latch to keep the wallet closed. The ID card does not have a thumb hole, but the overall features for the price of this wallet are commendable.


  • Well priced
  • Unique design for more room
  • Lots of card storage space
  • Button Latch


  • ID card difficult to remove
  • Stitching may come undone under heavy wear and tear

7. Texbo Men’s Genuine Cow Leather Bifold Long Wallet Brown

This Texbo men’s genuine cow leather bifold long wallet allows you to store more IDs than most wallets. Many wallets have no ID window or only one. This brown Texbo bifold long wallet has two ID window slots. The second ID window is more square and may be an excellent place to store photos. Because of the extra ID windows, this wallet only has eight card slots and two money slots. However, it does have a zippered pocket that is made for loose change.

The Texbo men’s wallet uses only genuine cow leather and is made in the U.S. While the design of the wallet is made to be bulkier, the quality of material and stitching holds up over a long time. In fact, Texbo believes in their wallet’s quality so much they offer a one-year quality guarantee. For men looking for a slim wallet, this may not be your best choice, but if you carry a lot of cash, it may be a good fit. One issue with it is the ID cards do not have thumb holes. The outside of the wallet has a simple design that is still stylish.


  • Genuine Leather
  • Two ID card windows
  • Zippered Pocket


  • No thumbholes for either ID window
  • Thick and bulky
  • Only eight card holders

8. Leather Travel Wallet – Phone Pocket – Long Bifold Wallet Men

This leather travel wallet works well for men who want to keep everything in one place, including your phone. This long bifold wallet is designed with a phone pocket which fits several different phone sizes from iPhone 7 to Galaxy S8+ to Note 8. The only unfortunate thing about the wallet is having the phone pocket limits the cardholders down to four with no ID window. The long design allows for a full dollar to be placed in the other side cash pocket without being folded.

This leather travel wallet uses a full-grain leather of Zeugma vintage which is carefully tested and made sure of its quality. The wallet also has the unique features of magnetic closing and RFID blocking. The wallet contains low power magnets safely secured inside the leather to keep the wallet closed. The magnets used do not harm your credit cards or your phone in any way. The quality of this leather travel wallet is backed by a huge 100-year warranty because they make sure this wallet will outlast you.


  • RFID blocking
  • Phone Pocket
  • 100-year warranty
  • Magnetic closure


  • No ID window pockets
  • Only four card slots

9. Le’aokuu Mens Genuine Leather Bifold Wallet Organizer Checkbook Card Case

This Le’aokuu men’s genuine leather bifold wallet has many great features. One of the best features is the removable ID card and credit card holder that slips into the front of the wallet. This allows you to leave the wallet at home when you just need your driver’s license and a few key credit cards. The inside of the wallet has even more card slots and another ID card window. The space in this wallet creates a place for a checkbook and works well as a checkbook cover. You can also use it easily as a cash pocket. The one issue is that the wallet may become fairly bulky with all of the items you can fit inside it.

The Le’aokuu wallet uses genuine leather that is soft but durable. One issue with the leather is that it can scratch on the surface of the wallet because of the type of leather and how it is treated. However, the rest of the quality of this wallet is well-stitched and well made. You may have trouble removing the IDs as the ID holders do not have thumb holes.


  • Checkbook space
  • Removable ID and card holder
  • Plenty of card space
  • Genuine leather


  • Scratches easily
  • No flap for carbon copy checks

10. MONHINTY Men’s Genuine Leather Multi-Card Long Bifold Wallet Black

This Monhinty men’s genuine leather multi-card bifold long wallet gives you a simple, yet excellent wallet in looks and features. The wallet has 11 card slots with three cash pockets. The biggest cash pocket is even able to hold phones around the size of an iPhone 7/8 plus. The Monhinty wallet also has an ID window slot and a zippered pocket for loose change. The wallet is fairly slim but may become bulkier if you do store your phone inside of it.

The genuine Italian leather which creates this wallet contains the unique texture and look of real first layer cowhide. Monhinty uses the quality Italian leather in hand-making this wallet. The expert stitching is only done by qualified professional artisans. The bill compartments are also fully lined. Monhinty ensures their wallets are quality with their 100% satisfaction guarantee and the promise of a full refund or replacement.


  • Genuine Italian Leather
  • Hand-made
  • Plenty of space for storage

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • May be bulky with phone
  • No thumb hole for ID window

11. OURBAG Men’s Genuine Leather Dragon Pattern Wallet

One of the most unique things about this Ourbag men’s genuine leather wallet is the embossed leather dragon pattern across its surface. The beautifully intricate design makes a stunning display and looks extremely stylish. The inside of the wallet holds a fair amount of storage space with 11 card holder slots, three cash slots or checkbook spaces, and a zippered pocket. The largest cash pocket may also hold some phones. The wallet also has an ID window pocket.

The Ourbag wallet uses genuine leather and sturdy stitching for a good quality wallet. Because of the type of leather, it may scratch more easily, but some of the scratches can be rubbed out of the wallet. Again, the most interesting part of this Ourbag wallet design is the ancient Chinese style dragon on the front of the wallet. The embossing is incredibly delicate and looks amazing. The color is also a unique dark blood red brown. Ourbag offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee of either replacing it or refunding it.


  • Amazing dragon pattern design
  • Plenty of storage, even to fit a phone
  • Zippered pocket
  • Genuine leather
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed


  • Scratches easily
  • ID window is without thumb holes

12. HISCOW Bifold Long Wallet Black with Large Cash Compartment – Italian Calfskin

This Hiscow bifold long wallet has a large cash compartment which can come in handy. It also has three other compartments which can fit cash or can hold receipts and other papers. Unfortunately, this wallet only has seven credit card holders and no ID window slot. It is quite wide at almost four inches and over seven inches long.

The Hiscow long wallet is made with Italian full-grain calfskin and died black. The inside and outside of this wallet is made with the calfskin. This gives the wallet a sleek and minimalistic appearance on the outside. The design of the wallet is also very slim to easily fit into pockets. This Hiscow wallet is made in Italy. The wallet also comes in a beautiful classy box which exactly fits the wallet inside.


  • Large cash compartment
  • 3 other cash or receipt pockets
  • Full-grain calfskin


  • Only seven card slots
  • No ID window slot
  • No zippers

13. HISCOW Bifold Long Wallet with 15 Credit Card Slots – Italian Calfskin

Similar to its Hiscow cash compartment wallet, this Hiscow bifold long wallet is made for men needing many credit card slots. This wallet has 15 credit card slots which is one of the most credit card slots in this list. It also has plenty of space for cash and receipts, though not as much as its similar brother wallet. It has a view pocket for your ID though it is lacking a thumbhole for access.

This Hiscow card wallet is also made with Italian calfskin in a simple, but functional design. It works well with any style and plenty of suits. The Italian calfskin stitches together with the expert care of senior Italian craftsman. The sleek design stays thin, except if you store a phone it may become more bulky.


  • 15 credit cards
  • Space for cash or even some phones
  • Genuine Italian Calfskin


  • No thumbhole for ID pocket
  • No zippered pocket

14. RAWHYD Full Grain Leather Long Bifold Wallet For Men

This Rawhyd full grain leather long bifold wallet for men has a few unusual features that may interest you. First, the Rawhyd wallet is smaller than most long wallets which is good if you are looking for something that fits in your pants pockets easier and bad if you don’t want to fold your bills. Second, the wallet has an inside flap that can store receipts, cards, or other paper scraps. The Rawhyd wallet includes 8 card holders, an ID window, two inside pockets, and then the inside flap pocket.

Unlike most wallets, the Rawhyd wallet uniquely uses genuine buffalo leather. This full-grain buffalo leather is bound with tight stitching and comes in two different shades. The high-quality is marked by the one year warranty which replaces the wallet for free as well as a money-back guarantee. The wallet comes in a beautiful canvas bag.


  • Inside flap
  • Genuine buffalo leather
  • Warranty and Money-back Guarantee
  • ID window with thumb hole


  • May not fit bills upright
  • No zippered pocket

15. Custom Don’t Tread On Me American Flag Long Wallet with a Distressed United States Flag

For patriotic men needing a durable wallet, this wallet captures both a vintage look and the United States spirit. The wallet design has a vintage edging with a distressed United States flag and a small “Don’t Tread on Me” icon in the top right corner of the wallet. The wallet does use stitching, but reinforces the stitching with glue. However, it can be customized for an extra cost.

The inside of the wallet has five card slot and an ID window with a thumbhole access point. The inside also has two cash pockets and a place for both your checks and your register. The inside is lined with a soft fabric, but the outside may wear faster. This wallet is hand-tooled in its patriotic design.


  • Incredible American flag design
  • Vintage look
  • Can be customized
  • Slots for both checks and cash


  • Design may wear off
  • Both stitching and glue

Why should you buy a long wallet?

Men constantly use their wallets. Small bifold wallets have less storage space and end up bulkier. You also may shove several cards into slots made for only one card. Long wallets ease this problem by giving you more card slots and storage for coins and cash. Most short wallets end up folding or crinkling bills, but long wallets allow you to have crisp bills.

Some long wallets even allow for phones to fit inside your wallet. While this can make it too bulky for some people, it does allow you to keep everything in one easy access place. A long wallet may not be a good choice if you keep your wallet in your back pocket.

What separates the best wallets from the lesser ones?

The best long wallets are made with quality genuine leather and do not use glue to keep them together. Some wallets use top layer cow leather which adds a unique experience for the buyer as they receive an original wallet with scars and blemishes that the marked the cow’s own life. Genuine leather also adds durability and a comfortable feel in using.

Another quality of the best wallets is warranties and satisfaction guarantees. While many great products don’t have such things, the best wallets know their value and are willing to back it by replacing it or refunding you. Some companies are so confident they offer a 100 year warranty!

Things to look for when purchasing a long wallet

When deciding on a long wallet, you should choose one with features that you need. You may want extra card slots or you may willingly sacrifice the slots for a larger storage space for checks or a phone. You may want a wallet that closes naturally on the bifold or one that snaps closed.

After you decide what features are right for you, there are a few things to look out for when purchasing a long wallet. Many ID card windows are difficult to get into, but this is made especially so if there is no thumb hole for easy access. Zippered pockets for coins are another consideration. The last thing to look out for is the look of the wallet and whether it matches your style.


Out of all these wallets, there is one clear editors choice and one clear value choice. The editor’s choice is the Kattee Men’s Vintage Look Genuine Leather Long Bifold Wallet for its quality, space, and look. Value choice is absolutely the Mfeo Soft Scrub Leather Durable Slim Wallet Long Thin Bifold Multi-Card Wallet though some may dislike the mesh on the ID slot. Purchasing a long wallet isn’t for everyone, but a men’s long wallet does provide a lot of great features other wallets don’t have. Once you decide what features are important for you, you can find the best long wallet for you.