Accidentally Washed a Leather Wallet – What to Do?

Accidentally washing a leather wallet can feel like the end of the world. However, it does not have to be. By following these steps, you can prevent your leather wallet from suffering permanent water damage. 


Things You Will Need to Follow This Tutorial

In order to follow this step by step tutorial, you will need the following items: 

• Olive oil. 

• A clean cloth. 

• Leather conditioner. 


What to Do With an Accidentally Washed Leather Wallet

1. Wipe the Wallet Down

Before letting it dry, use a clean piece of cloth to wipe down the leather wallet. Likely, you will be getting rid of harmful chemicals in the process. While you do this, make sure to get rid of any debris. 


2. Let the Wallet Dry

Next, hang the wallet in a closed position from a clothesline. Let the wallet dry for at least 12 consecutive hours. Make sure to leave it somewhere with a good amount of air flow. 


3. Oil It

If your wallet is made of oil-based leather, you can use olive oil (or any other type of high-quality oil) to condition it. Simply, rub the oil into the leather vigorously and thoroughly. Make sure to be even in the distribution of the oil. 


4. Condition It

Once it’s dry, rub leather conditioner on the wallet. Make sure to be thorough and even. 


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