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51 Best Minimalist Wallets in 2021

Large wallets are hopelessly outdated. Luckily, most wallet makers have caught on, and as a result, there’s now an endless number of cool minimalist wallets on the market. However, it can be hard to choose the perfect wallet given the wide range of different types: EDC wallets, micro wallets, credit card holders, slim leather wallets, and tons more. To help you choose, this guide will review the 51 most popular minimalist wallets you can buy in 2020.

1. Buffway Slim Minimalist Front Pocket RFID Blocking Wallet

Editor’s Choice

Slots: 8
Width: 0,1″
Length: 3,1″
Height: 4,5″

Without a doubt, this compact wallet is great for those seeking practicality and efficiency. Made of genuine leather, the Buffway pocket wallet is stylish and functional. Its design is simple enough to be unisex without looking homely or cheap.

Small and discreet, this wallet can fit in any pocket without bulging. Thanks to its high-quality construction, it’s incredibly durable. What’s more, it features RFID-blocking technology that provides protection from digital theft and skimming.

Most minimalist wallets have only two or three options in terms of pockets, sleeves, and slots. This slim wallet, however, has four slots for multiple credit cards, one clear slot for personal documents, two side-slip pockets for business cards, and a large center pocket for bills.

2. Serman Brands RFID Blocking Minimalist Wallet

Best Value

Slots: 5
Width: 0,5″
Length: 2,8″
Height: 4″

Slim, simple, and straightforward, the Serman Brands minimalist wallet fits the criteria of being subtle and easy to carry. However, that’s not all it has to offer. In addition, this wallet is made to block any RFID signals that are 13.56 MHz or higher. Simply put, that means it protects your cards from skimming.

Because it features both a central interior pocket and a metal clip, the Serman Brands wallet can be used as a traditional pocket wallet. Thanks to its built-in pull tab, no matter how you use it, it will always remain slim and lean.

Apart from its functionality, the Serman Brands Wallet stands out for its fantastic looks. Youthful and elegant at once, it can be used by people of all ages and any gender. What’s more, it comes in a variety of colors, meaning you can pair it with practically any outfit.

3. Kinzd Slim Card Wallet RFID Front Pocket

Slots: 8
Width: 0,1″
Length: 3,1″
Height: 4,4″

This minimal and compact pocket wallet has a rugged look that’s intriguing yet familiar at the same time, with its raw leather style giving it a traditional appearance. This Kinzd product is as well-constructed and practical as the best minimalist wallet out there.

Despite its compact size and minimalist design, the Kinzd RFID Wallet offers six different card slots, a transparent pocket for personal documentation, and a comfortable central pocket for bills. Once inside the slots and pockets, your valuables are tightly secured. However, once the need arises, it’s not difficult to remove them using just a couple of fingers.

Something noteworthy regarding the Kinzd Slim RFID Wallet is its construction. Made of four different types of leather (napa leather, crazy horse leather, carbon fiber leather, and crosshatch leather), it has different textures to fulfill different roles. This allows it to be sleek and smooth on the outside while remaining rugged and durable on the inside.

4. Travelambo Brand Front Pocket Minimalist Leather Slim Wallet

Some minimalist wallets feature a design that, although compact, is not very functional. This wallet is not one of them, however, as its slots and pockets fit cards, bills, and documents of all kinds. In addition, the Travelambo Brand Wallet has RFID blocking technology for cards working at a frequency of 13.56MHz, though not at 125KHz.

Without a doubt, the Black Travelambo Slim Leather has many valuable characteristics. Where it really stands out is in its versatility. Allowing customers to choose between three different styles and many different colors, ensure anyone can find a match that reflects their personality. These styles include crosshatch leather, napa leather, and, for the most environmentally-conscious customers, vegetable-tanned slim leather.

5. NapaWalli Genuine Men’s Leather Minimalist Wallet

Featuring a design that mimics carbon fiber, this brown minimalist wallet manages to look sleek and modern without sacrificing the benefits that leather wallets provide. Apart from looking sharp, it has a practical and streamlined design that enhances its functionality. At 4 x 3 inches, it fits perfectly in any front pocket, even tight pockets found on suit pants and jackets.

Being a combination of both a traditional wallet and a money clip, this product has a very specific look. This model, in combination with its chrome-like texture, makes for a wallet that stands out.

The most remarkable feature that this wallet has to offer is its RFID blocking technology. Instead of using traditional materials, the NapaWalli Genuine Italian Leather Card Holder Wallet is made with four rare earth magnets at the same time. These magnets were carefully selected for their durability, consistency, and efficiency in blocking RFID signals to protect your cards. Few RFID-blocking leather wallets feature the protection that NappaWalli.

6. Travando Money Clip Wallet RIO

Despite being a minimalist wallet for your front pocket, the Travando RIO isn’t lacking in pockets and ID card slots. In fact, with one easy-access front pocket and six inner pockets, this wallet can hold all of your cards and cash in a clean, organized, and practical way.

Combining a classic wallet and a modern money clip into a single unit, the Travando RIO is a refined and stylish card protector for organizing and carrying your personal items and cards. Furthermore, its smart design ensures that it will not bulge out in your pants regardless of their style or fit.

The Travando wallet offers RFID blocking capabilities and magnetic electronic pickpocketing defenses making it incredibly safe and secure to keep your credit cards and other items in it at all times. Unlike other RFID wallets, however, this one maintains a sense of elegance through its classic full-grain leather-style construction.

7. Armour Supply Co. Armour RFID Minimalist Wallet with Hex Key and Bottle Opener

Many cool wallets try to capture a traditional feel despite the advanced nature of their construction. The Armour Supply Co. Armour RFID Wallet is designed with cutting-edge technology and celebrates it through its futuristic style. Constructed from two pieces of RFID blocking premium-grade Aviation Aluminum plates, it boasts an edgy and relentlessly modern look that immediately sets it apart from the competition.

In addition to being incredibly compact and practical, the Armour Supply Co. Armour RFID Wallet for Men has high-end anti-theft capabilities. Engineered specifically to block signals that operate between 10 and 3000 MHz, this type of shield makes it nearly impossible for hackers and digital thieves to steal important information from you.

When you buy this money clip, you also get two other items as part of a larger accessory set– a premium key holder and a tactical multitool card. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum and rust-free stainless steel hardware, the keyholder is durable and secure. Meanwhile, the tactical multitool card that comes in the set has a bottle opener, a ruler, a hex key set, and even screwdrivers.

8. Kinzd Brand Leather Money Clip

This product by Kinzd combines a genuine full-grain leather-style ID card holder and a metallic money clip wallet accessory into a single design, allowing you to carry a multitude of cards, bills, and other information safely and securely. Both parts can be used separately, however, as they are easily detachable. This feature alone makes the Kinzd one of the most inventive and useful products of its kind.

In addition to its versatility, the Kinzd has everything good minimalist wallets should have. It features various quick-access slots, a transparent ID display window slot, a pocket for change, and a large pocket for bills. It also features RFID blocking layers inside the leather to keep your personal data safe.

9. Roco Minimalist Aluminum Slim Wallet

This aluminum wallet not only stands out for its size but also its sleek design. Recognized for its superior quality, Roco set out to make the perfect men’s minimalist front pocket wallet for modern times. Despite its small stature, the Roco Minimalist Aluminum Slim Wallet is capable of storing various cards and lots of cash.

Thanks to its unique design, the Roco Aluminum Wallet comes with the ability to hold up to 20 cards. At the same time, however, it’s able to keep your cash nice and organized much in the way that a traditional wallet would.

On top of that, the Roco Aluminum Wallet has anti-theft capabilities that rival those of the best wallets on the market. Its RFID-blocking properties don’t just cover a single pocket or slot– they protect the entire wallet. As a result, all your documents and cards stay fully protected.

10. Travelambo Slim Leather Minimalist Wallet​

Another Travelambo product, the wallet is designed to be as compact and unintrusive as possible without sacrificing style or functionality. Due to its clever design, this wallet is slim enough to fit all your most important documents and belongings securely. Even when full, the Travelambo Minimalist Wallet remains slim and portable.

On the exterior, the Travelambo Wallet features high-quality top-grain leather that has two separate faces. While the grain leather that makes up the front face of the product is more traditional-looking, the top-grain leather on the back of the wallet imitates the texture and style of chrome. As a result, this minimalist wallet has a unique style that is incredibly dynamic and versatile.

11. Casmonal Men’s Leather Single Fold Wallet​

Despite being significantly smaller than most slim bifold wallets on the market, the Casmonal Men’s Wallet can store an impressive number of credit cards, bills, and personal documents while remaining slim enough to fit inside even the tightest pockets. As a matter of fact, this wallet is so slim that it becomes invisible when it’s in your pocket. Take into account, however, that, due to its size this minimalist cash wallet holds only US bills or similarly-sized bills.

The Casmonal wallet is made for more than just looks, too. Anything you store in it will be secure, safe, and easy to remove. It has two main sections: one for quick access and two for secure holding. To keep your items safe, the card sleeve is lined with magnetic material that provides anti-theft functionality without damaging your credit cards.

13. Alpine Swiss Men’s Wallet – ID Wallet​

The Alpine Swiss Men’s Wallet a cross between a money clip and a slimline sleeve wallet. As a result, it is remarkably small, and it can fit practically anywhere. Despite its size, it has several compartments including three slots for credit cards and a see-through ID window. Made of durable aluminum, this money clip is capable of holding your cash tightly and securely. Plus, it does not loosen over time!

Apart from its high-quality and usability, the Alpine Swiss Men’s Wallet has something else to offer: the opportunity to do good. In partnership with the Children’s Hunger Fund, Alpine Swiss donates 2,500 meals every day to hungry children around the world. A purchase from Alpine Swiss is a purchase supporting a great cause, and you can be a part of this important mission.

14. SlimFold Minimalist Thin Minimalist Wallet​

Made of a unique proprietary material known as Soft Cell, this is a wallet that is capable of taking an incredible amount of punishment completely unscathed. Besides being durable, abrasion-resistant, and waterproof, this material is both slim and flexible.

The wallet’s slim size, in particular, is remarkable. Despite being tough as nails, Soft Cell is between two and three times thinner than genuine leather. As a result, SlimFold Minimalist Wallets are a joy to carry, even in the tightest pants. Like many of the minimalist wallets featured in this guide, the SlimFold Wallet also offers anti-skimming capabilities.

15. Flipside 4 Hard Shell Wallet​s

Featuring a unique protective style and high-tech construction, this is a minimalist wallet that doesn’t mess around when the time comes to protect your belongings. Looking more like a miniature bullet-proof hard case than a wallet, the Flipside 4 has an eye-catching aesthetic.

This minimalist wallet offers a high level of functionality that goes beyond simply holding your cards and cash. It opens with a special quick access pull tab that keeps everything inside it secure. Meanwhile, it automatically locks itself shut as soon as you put it away.

The Flipside 4 wallet is made of two remarkably tough materials: high-strength polycarbonate and aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. In addition to preventing skimming, this combination of materials makes this wallet waterproof, weatherproof, shockproof, indestructible, and highly resistant to impact. This is a truly high-tech wallet.

16. Forrest & Harold Minimalist Slim Wallet​s

The Forrest & Harold’s main body is made of top-grain leather and brushed stainless steel. Clean and practical, this combination of materials provides a high level of construction that makes this one of the most durable products of its kind.

The Forrest & Harold Minimalist Slim Wallet has a structure that allows you to hold up to eight credit cards as well as personal documentation and cash without ever becoming bulky. At the same time, this style allows for quick access, adding to the practical nature of the product. Probably the most luxurious genuine leather wallets on this list.

17. Herschel Supply Co. Men’s Charlie Wallet​s

Some buyers look for cool wallets that have a more casual and fun appeal that is stylish enough to still be considered elegant. Luckily for them, the Herschel Supply Co. Men’s Charlie Wallet checks all the boxes. This compact minimalist wallet is youthful and sleek-looking but also functional.

Made of hand-stitched polyester, these are well-constructed wallets. This choice of materials also makes it soft, flexible, and comfortable enough to be carried in your back pockets easily. What’s more, it also allows the wallets to be hand-washed as often as necessary.

To prevent digital theft, the Herschel Supply Co. Men’s Charlie Wallet also provides anti-skimming capabilities that do not allow signals of certain frequencies to reach your personal identification or credit cards. Taking all this into account, this is a super choice for casual users who worry about digital theft.

18. NapaWalli Minimalist Wallet for Men​

Slim, stylish, and made of genuine leather, this is the kind of minimalist wallet that makes you feel (and look) incredibly good when you take it out of your pocket. Polished and refined, the material keeps itself clean almost miraculously.

In addition to looking great, this wallet’s design is functional and practical. With ease of use in mind, it’s designed with a special front pocket that can store your most-used credit and debit cards. This front slot even has a special lid that makes it easier to slide the card out in a single motion.

These NapaWalli Minimalist Wallets include a money clip that makes organizing your cash easy. Meanwhile, its lining is able to block signals that are 13.56 MHz or higher.

19. Fidelo Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet​

Boasting a concept that is uniquely clever, this skim-proof wallet stands out among the competition. Amazingly straightforward and simple, its style makes it possible to store a surprisingly large number of credit cards at the same time.

Made of 3K carbon fiber, it is amazingly durable and tough. Keep in mind that this material is stronger than steel, and it is completely resistant to scratches or dents. It’s also equipped with theft-blocking capabilities that work perfectly to protect your cards and cash against frequencies of 13.56 MHz.

Expertly-crafted and remarkably compact, the Fidelo Wallet is a great option for fans of minimalism. Plus, it combines the practicality of cash clips with the elegance and comfort that only a full-fledged leather bifold wallet can give you. Furthermore, it is an incredibly lightweight and compact wallet. As a result, it is totally inconspicuous and unobtrusive in your pocket.

20. Lookiss Aluminum Metal Minimalist Wallet​

Made of premium aviator aluminum, this Lookiss-brand wallet is impressively sleek and modern. Its style is as straightforward as it is elegant, making this product great for young businessmen and other people with an active, socially-outgoing lifestyle. The best thing about this combination of material and design, however, is how slim they make the final product. In fact, it can hold up to 12 cards and lots of cash without surpassing an inch in thickness.

Made of spring steel, the classic-style cash clip is strong enough to hold your cash tightly, securely, and without creating a bulge. In addition to using top-notch materials for its main body, the Lookiss Aluminum Metal Wallet uses high-quality elastic webbing that is both durable and effective at holding your cards. Unlike many other elastic bands, this one does not lose elasticity over time, and it does not come apart at the seams. This brand is very similar to ridge wallets.

21. Beartwo RFID Wallet for Men​

Boasting a design that seamlessly combines the lusciousness of a traditional genuine leather wallet with the sleekness of a metal clip, this product offers its customers the best of both worlds. The core of this wallet is made of 6061 aerospace-grade CNC aluminum, ensuring its durability and weather resistance. This material also allows the construction of the minimalist wallet to be ultra-slim, making it compact enough to be carried in any back or front pocket.

Perhaps what stands out most about this sleeve wallet is its unique style that combines contrasting materials. With different material and color options for all the individual parts that make up this wallet (the chassis and the elastic band), this product can be fully customized to look just the way you like it. In addition to its unique design with contrasting materials, the Beartwo Wallet comes with useful features like skimming protection and a belt clip.

22. Hammer Anvil Minimalist Wallet​

Made of pure genuine leather and stitched fully by hand, this wallet and card holder boasts an amazing level of quality that is hard to imitate. Despite the toughness and solidity of the full-grain leather it is made of, however, the Hammer Anvil Wallet is incredibly slim.

Another important feature that this minimalist wallet offers is its anti-skimming technology. Its inner lining is capable of blocking 13.56 MHz frequencies in the immediate vicinity. However, it should be noted that this special lining does not work for proximity access cards and ID badges at 125 kHz.

23. Yinuode Carbon Fiber Credit Card Holder​

Featuring a mini case design that promotes safety and security, the Yinuode is a great option. Its chassis allows it to hold several credit cards, debit cards, and personal documentation cards at the same time. Meanwhile, the cash clip that is attached to it allows you to keep your bills secure and organized.

In addition to being practical and looking great, the Yinuode comes with protection against the scanning of your cards. The entirety of the product is made of signal-blocking material, ensuring that all your cards and documents will remain safe and secure.

24. Dango Products Dango Dapper EDC ​

The Dango wallet and card holder manages to store up to 12 credit cards, your personal documentation, and your cash without surpassing 0.3 inches in thickness. Being made of 6061 aerospace-grade CNC aluminum, it is incredibly lightweight, weighing in at only 2 ounces.

Apart from its super-slim profile and lightweight construction, the Dango brand Dapper EDC stands out due to its vibrant design. Combining cow leather, metal, and plastic, this wallet manages to pull off a well-balanced look that is both elegant and fun.

In terms of security, the Dango brand Dapper EDC is up there with the best. Besides providing a secure chassis and a tight clip, this wallet is made entirely of signal-blocking material. Taking all these factors into account, and it’s easy to see why this wallet and cardholder has gained so much recognition on the market.

25. Chelmon Slim Minimalist Wallet​

The Chelmon has everything you could possibly need for storing your personal belongings, including four credit card slots, one transparent finger glide window for identification cards, two slip-in pockets, and even a convenient zippered pocket that helps you store your loose change and odd-sized cards.

Apart from providing various pockets and slots for safe storing of your cards, the Chelmon provides anti-skimming capabilities that help safeguard your cards. This technology works with all frequencies and from all distances. Featuring a high level of construction, top-notch materials, and a fantastically practical vertical wallet design, the Chelmon is an everyday carry worth looking into.